Teen violen prodigy dies from “calvin klein”

There is new cocktail dubbed “calvin klein” mixture of cocaine and ketamine.

Ketamine is a dissociative and effects our perception but more conceringly it effects our CNS.

Cocaine will flood the brain with dopamine and create a rapid heartrate.

the combination of the two drugs is less important than the bingeing.

Repetative redosing with these chemicals is almost guarenteed to be lethal.

Alexander Shulgin


if you know you know…..but if you dont……

Alexander shulgin was an ethnnobotanist and chemist. His researched seemed to surround mind altering substances.

Him and his wife would share experiences of certain chemicals and their effects and pharmacology. The synthesis of each chemical is also described in full detail.

the chemicals discussed range from LSD and MDMA, all the way to 6apb,25i-nbome and MDE

phenylthylamines and tryptamines he has known and loved 🙂 are very strong psy chadelic compounds. There are a multitude of effects from ketamine like effects of the MXEs to the LSD mimics of the DO’sm

This man is known by many psychonauts and his reseasrch should be read by anyone searching the psychadelic world.

DMT “the truth”

Dimethyltryptamine….the spirit molecule.

Found in almost everything from mammels, grass, trees, frogs and some seeds.

Used by native americans in the form of snuffs and teas.

Smoked forms are the usual method of administration due to how it metabolizes in the body. The addition of an MAOI is what allows it to effect us orally.

DMT is just another example of these hidden chemicals in nature,that provide certain enlightenments.

DMT can show us the truth about ourselves and the world. Sometimes it can be frightening so always have a “sitter”.

The appearance should always be one of crystalline structure.

*never smoke wet material as it could still be leftover hazardous materials*

a 30mg dosage is all thats needed

plants that contain nm-dmt are

mimosa hostilis,phalaris grass, chacruna leaves.

5meodmt is another form found in bufo alvarius frogs, ayachuasca root, yopo seeds

5meo does have different effects than nm

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Lets hear from the readers

I wanna hear your ideas to make this site better.

Ways to enhance the appeal but also provide necessary information. We gotta work tog ethor to succeed.

Should we talk about extraction methods? Withdrawel tips? Safe use as well as safe stopping? chemicals? Natural alternatives?

comment here what we should discuss

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These numbers are based on experiences by many psychonauts from all walks of life.

LSD – a half hit should be enough if the LSD is purer than most. 1-2 hits should have the common user comfortable

MDMA- 65mg is enough to have a new user feeling very high while a recreational user might do 100-250mg to be high all night. The everyday user can use upwards of 500mg (half gram) of pure mdma to be content

Cocaine- this chemical seems to be very hard to gain proper research on actual cocaine. PURE cocaine is damn near impossibe to find so these numbers are based off of average cocaine that some may call “flake” or “cook”

A new user would only need roughly 100mg while everyday users can do upwards of 3grams if not more night. This can be very dangerous. Even with a high tolerance i woud always say that 100mg every hour is more than enough for anyone to get high.

Mescaline- 200mg should be the start for any newbie. A half gram should be comfortable for most recreational users.

Heroin- usage for this will always determine the dosage levels.

Those who snort it can do as little as 25mg before a tolerance begins. It would seem that 150mg would be what most recreational users do to acheive a comfortable high while a recreational “sniffer” may need twice that

I will continue this list throughout the week. This will be the first main topic discussed.

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Psychadelics used in treatment

The use of chemicals like mdma,lsd,mushrooms are begining to surface in educational and therapy treatment. Where do they get the information on how much to give someone? Do they provide ammendaties with these sessions? It seems like each person might need different amounts right?

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Lets make this a place we can all feel accepted. In a changing world, what was once given a negative light are now begining to be accepted and properly researched. Lets give them the most useful information we can….the truth


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